Orfeo & Euridice

The Ministry of Operatic Affairs


This season, The Ministry of Operatic Affairs is working intensively on 'Orfeo ed Euridice', the heartbreaking opera by Christoph Willibald Gluck. Van Reyn and Hamers have chosen the original, rarely-performed 1762 Vienna version, in Italian.


According to the myth, Orpheus loses his beloved Euridice after a fatal snake bite, and is left in the depths of despair. Orpheus seems to be a dreamer who has lost his hold on reality. He only has eyes for his lost Euridice. Amor, the god of love, can no longer bear the sight of his lamentations and gives Orpheus one chance to reverse history.


The Ministry remains faithful to the original myth, but has also found signs in the libretto and the score that there is more going on than just pure love: does Euridice really want to return? Or is Orpheus a Narcissus, acting only out of self-interest? An interesting thought which forces us to reflect rather than just lie back and listen.


With this new staging, The Minstry of Operatic Affairs continues on its path: no knee-jerk modern update, music theatre adaptation or historically correct drivel, but simply good taste, timelessness, and respect for the score and for the audience. Furthermore, The Ministry has decided again to expose the complex workings of the opera machine: members of the orchestra, choir and soloists can no longer hide in the wings, as eighty men and women are involved in building this delicious illusion called opera together.